Capable of adapting to different scenarios, from commuting to sports, the on-board computer displays various types of information. With the remote control located on the left side of the handlebars, you can easily ask for additional information.


It is the easiest display ever. It is geared for daily travel and allows cyclists to check temperature, lights and time. But above all, it provides information about the remaining charge, the support level, instantaneous speed and motor power.


Briefly pressing a button will display many more data, which can be interesting if you are working out or want to test yourself. You can get to know the distance and duration of your ride, cadence (i.e. pedal rotation) and the energy you have consumed.


Designed for experts, this pro mode doesn’t only provide information about the support level and instantaneous speed, but also about the rider’s power output in Watt, motor power, total power (that is, motor power combined with the rider’s power output) and average consumption in Wh/km. It’s basically like having a personal trainer with you.